Monday, June 27, 2016

April and May

April and May

I'm pretty sure these were the craziest and shortest months of the year for us

April 1st was the Science Fair
These kids didn't place but the rock candy was pretty yummy and fun to make

On April 2nd we had to put our bunny to sleep
She was a sweet girl who loved her morning veggies
 but more than anything, she loved her nose and ears rubbed

We don't have a truck anymore but we still have yard work so we bought a trailer
The boys were pretty bummed when we told them they wouldn't be riding home like this

We finished up Spring soccer
Oh how this boy LOVES soccer and this mama LOVES watching him play

The hubby and I celebrated 16 years
He bought me a new fitbit because I lost mine and was totally lost
It was the BEST gift EVER!

Chip finished the bowling season with a tournament in Green Bay, Wisconsin

We had a lot of end of the year orchestra, band and choir concerts
Parker was pretty darn handsome at his last elementary band concert

Parker was also in a musical as Jack and the Beanstalk with the Colorado Jammers

We had our first traveling tournaments for the Muskie 14U team
We did some shopping in between games

and he wonders why I pick out all of his clothes

I spent more time at the Dr. trying to figure out what's wrong with me after passing out at work
A huge thank you to deputy Mike and our HR gal, Stephanie for all their help that day 
Take about embarrassing!

I spent two weeks preparing for teacher appreciation week
I was asked to gift our staff as I have done in the past
This year I was only given 2 weeks notice and half the budget I usually have
It was close but I got it done and they were so appreciative of their fruit themed gifts

I took the boys fishing for Mother's Day
There's nothing better than watching your kids do what they LOVE

We had graduations for both boys on May 25th
I took a half day of vacation to watch my babies graduate from 5th and 8th grade
I can't believe our elementary days are over
We've been part of Colorado school for 9 years and we LOVE the staff and will miss them terribly
Having a child with asthma and food allergies is tough;
sending them to a new school is enough to give this mama an anxiety attack

We're on to bigger and better things
I still get teary eyed to think we have a high schooler
Didn't I just graduate from high school yesterday?

We had a few end of the school year activities
Both kids went to the Aquatic Center but I only got a picture of Parker

Every 5th grader gets to decorate a ceiling tile before they go on to 6th grade
I forgot to get a picture of Parker's so I made a special trip on the last day of school
{For some reason I can't get the photo turned}
If you can't tell, it's Charlie Brown and Lucy
I have no idea why he decided to put them on his tile but I think it's pretty cute

I'm sure there were a few minor things I forgot about but that's a wrap up of April and May

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Now that we're into the first week of June, 
I figured I better get our March recap up on the blog
Nothing like being a few months behind
Thank goodness for Calendars and phones to look back at to see what we did


Thank you, thank you for bringing some nicer weather but we knew you were just kidding us
March 24th snow

March started out kind of rough for me
I've been dealing with some health stuff that no one can seem to figure out
When my doctor gave me the all clear from my blood work,
I basically crumbled
The only thing they keep coming up with is-
My body doesn't absorb iron correctly so basically I'm anemic ALL the time
How can I feel like crap all the time but supposedly not have anything wrong
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to have anything wrong
 I just feel like they aren't taking me seriously

In the midst of my mess, we learned that Genesis can no longer give allergy shots
I spent an entire day on the phone trying to find a new place for Parker to get his shots
Thankfully Dr. Dawson has agreed to take us on and so far we love it there
They are friendly, prompt and know their stuff

Parker started soccer for YMCA and had a great coach and team

Spencer started practicing with his Muskie 14U baseball team

Chip finished up his bowling season with a tournament in Green Bay

I got baptized on March 13th

Spencer got to spend an afternoon and evening with his girl friends family
I am NOT ready to have teenagers!

I FINALLY made the boy shave

Over all, March was a pretty uneventful month

Friday, March 25, 2016



February, Oh February...
You took everything out of this mama
You left me a hot mess full of emotions but it was a GREAT month

We started February with lots of LOVE notes and special Valentine treats
I heart attacked the boys doors last year and didn't really think it phased them
UNTIL Parker asked when I was going to start the heart stuff
I guess it did mean something!
This year I wrote one thing I loved about them and one quote
My note:
 I love that you respect your teachers
Respect peoples feelings, It may not mean anything to you but it may mean everything to them

February 5th and 6th, the middle schools performed The Little Mermaid Jr.
We invited Parker's girl friend and Spencer met his girl friend there
The students did an AMAZING
It was by far the best school musical we've been to

I'm not a huge football fan but the guys in the house enjoyed the Superbowl

Parker had his first band concert and I couldn't believe how great they sounded

Spencer went on his first date {to the movie Zoolander 2}
He's been dating a sweet girl and is head over heals for her
While I'm not ready for girls, my heart melts when I that smile on his face when we talk about her

We spent a lot more time at the doctors office getting allergy shots
Parker is finally at the maintenance dose which means he only goes once a month now

Parker went on his first youth retreat to the Dream Conference in Ogden Iowa
Mama was a nervous wreck but he did fine and loved it
They went to a ski resort and tubed in 57 degree weather

Spencer turned 14!
I still can't believe it and am still trying to wrap my brain around it while I'm still sobbing

Spencer got his permit!
His birthday fell on a Monday and the place is closed on Mondays
so I picked him up from school the next day and he passed with flying colors
I wasn't expecting him to pass since he hadn't studied much and kept failing the app test on his phone
I was busy checking out Pinterest and heard him say, mom
I looked up and I could tell by the smile that he passed
He also became an organ donor, that in it's self means the world to me
The lady working the desk kept telling me what an awesome kid he is
{Trust me, I know! but it's always great to hear}

Spencer has been looking forward to playing on two baseball teams this summer
Last week I received this text from Spencer- I missed Muskie tryouts
My heart felt like it dropped 80 feet
I knew how much he was looking forward to this and my heart broke for him
I emailed the coach, found out it wasn't too late and mama saved the day
Coach told us to be there Thursday from 6-8
On Tuesday I was checking the school announcements; there's a choir concert that night
I emailed the coach AGAIN, thankfully he works for the school district and understands
Spencer started practicing with the Muskie 14U team and couldn't be happier
We're eating, sleeping and breathing baseball

I joined a ladies small group with an awesome bunch of ladies from church

Spencer has been driving!

The last Sunday in February
was our youth pastor and his families last day at our church
One of the reasons we fell in love with Heartland was because of Daniel
That guy can sing and play guitar like no bodies business
but he is also an amazing youth pastor who can pour into kids
They are going back to the church he and his wife were raised in to become their youth directors
We're so excited for them but also so very sad to lose them

That wraps up February!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

January little things


This was taken New Years Day
We were blessed with a beautiful start to a NEW year

January was pretty quiet for the most part but the last week threw us for a loop

The month was filled with allergy shots
We're trying to get the boy built up before Spring
We spend way.... to much time in this office

We bought a new car
Well...not new but new to us
Max, our F150 Super Crew was on it's last rim
The hubby has been eyeing the Ford Flex since they came out and it's his so I gave in

I finally took a day off work
I went shopping ALL BY MYSELF and bought mascara
I was hoping to have a better shopping day but the time alone was glorious

We had our first and hopefully last Express Care visit for the year
Parker had a nasty fever for 4 days and when it wouldn't budge from 104.4 it was time to go
We spent 10 minutes shy of 4 hours at Express Care
They tested him for strep and mono- both were negative
They sent us home with an antibiotic and some extra germs

We received a letter from the high school
letting us know it's time to sign the boy up for high school classes
Gulp.. fight back the tears
Wasn't he just in preschool?
Ready or not; it's time and my heart swells with pride for this boy who LOVES to learn

While we're on the subject of kids growing up too fast
Both of the boys have girl friends and we did some early Valentine shopping

We ended the month with some major plumbing issues
We had water coming up out of the basement floor drain
Tree roots were partially to blame so our beautiful maple will be coming down this Spring
We're sad but it will hopefully save us thousands of dollars and trouble in the end

Crazy things said:
Hubby: The car only makes the sound when you turn left or right
Me: Maybe you had to be there - but what other way would you turn?

Me: We're going to start eating cleaner next week
Parker: I'm sure that won't last long
{He knows where he got his sweet tooth}

Hubby: Do guacamoles grow on a bush or a tree
Me: You mean avocados?

Spencer: Are you sure you don't want a pancake
Me: No, I don't really like pancakes
Spencer: They're just like less wrinkled waffles

That's a wrap for January

Parker turned 11!

When you have a December birthday at our house,
your birthday celebration lasts about 2 weeks because mama feels bad about her lack of planning
{ya know, the day you find out your pregnant and think 9 months from now is Christmas}
Parker's actual due date was December 29th but was born December 17th

It's not the best picture but this is how we start birthday mornings at our house

We  had Grandma and Grandpa over for supper, gifts and
 of course, turtle cheese cake which he requested

Parker, you light up our life!
You are always thinking of others and truly have a heart of gold
We love that dimple in your right cheek and your gorgeous eyes that change color day to day
We love that you love food and are always wondering what we are having for the next meal
{I truly believe this is your Great Grandpa John in you}
You are handsome, caring, athletic, smart and funny
You are everything we could have ever asked for
How did we get so lucky?
We LOVE you more than you'll ever know!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Christmas and all that hoop la

We're in our last week of January and I'm finally posting about Christmas

 I wish for just one year, 
we didn't have to work or go to school through the month of December
We could sit home, admire the decorations, bake Christmas cookies
 and celebrate without all the hustle and bustle

I was a little ba humbug going into December
If it hadn't been for the hubby, I'm not sure the tree and village would've been put up
but it was and I'm forever thankful he got me out of that rut

I think I've posted about our village before
We've been working on painting this village for 17 years

Our tree gets decorated in the traditional red and green with Robert Stanley ornaments
Every year I buy the boys an ornament and try to pick one that's personal
Spencer got a robot - He is loving his robotics class
Parker got a Santa with a fish - The boys have taken up a serious hobby of fishing

The first Friday in December is always the Holiday Stroll downtown
Parker sang at the church with the Colorado Jammers
and the weather was beautiful so we decided to go enjoy the stroll
I'm pretty sure they had a record turn out this year

We started out the month with a critter in the attic 
We've had everything from mice to a raccoon up there and we were pretty sure it was a squirrel
When the live trap didn't work, we resorted to rat traps
We ended up with a BIG mouse and were relieved when we finally caught it
There's nothing like laying in bed and hearing it scratch in the attic above you {Eeeek} 

During one of our ventures up into the attic to check traps,
we discovered we have a mold issue
The people that added the addition on to the house didn't vent the bathroom vent out of the roof
They vented it into the attic so all of the moisture has been trapped up there causing mold

We got more bad news the middle of December
We found out that Parker failed his eye exam at school in October
I scheduled an eye exam and sure enough, the boy needed glasses

A little more bad news news
This boy grew - Like over night!
He is officially taller than me, not that it takes much
It's a sad day when your kids can look you in the eyes

My baby turned 11!
We are careful about keeping his birthday totally separate from Christmas
so I'll be writing a special post about how we celebrated at a later date

The week school got out for Christmas break we had 3 concerts
I love Christmas concerts and the fact that our schools still let the kids sing CHRISTMAS songs
Many schools have winter programs in fear of offending someone
Not ours and I'm forever grateful!

The week of Christmas was WILD

We weaned Spencer off of his migraine medicine by doctors orders
As of right now he's doing great without it and we pray things continue to go well

Spencer chipped 2 teeth that we had to have fixed at the University of Iowa Dental College
If you ever need a tooth fixed, Dr. Vargas is your guy!

My brother and his family came home and I took some pictures of the kids for my mom and dad
This was one of the fun pictures I took
They were such troopers wearing pea coats when it was 60 degrees

We celebrated Christmas with my mother in-law on Christmas Eve, 
Christmas day was spent with my immediate family 
and the day after Christmas was spent with my aunts, uncles and cousins

Spencer told me the only thing he wanted for Christmas was an iphone
He didn't want ANYTHING else!
Thankfully the boy was due for an upgrade so that's what he got
Plus a few other things
He has become quite picky in his teenage years
Just about everything needs to be Nike or Under Armour
He got a Nike sweatshirt, Nike belts, Nike long underwear...
You get the idea!

Parker still has that little boy left in him and I LOVE that
He also got an iphone but also got legos, a huge art set, a game and some other fun stuff

We were truly blessed in 2015
Happy New Year a little late!

Monday, January 18, 2016

A fall recap

Here's a Fall recap

I'm so far behind I can't even remember what went on
I had to resort back to my phone and check the picture gallery for a reminder
Isn't it sad that we use our phones instead of cameras these days?

Spencer and Chip went to Wartburg College in September
  Spencer and some of his friends from school sang at the Real Men Sing event
It was a fun guys day out but Chip said it was middle school overload

We celebrated homecoming with a WIN for the Muskies
We walked in the homecoming parade and even went to the game
The weather was wonderful and since we're close to becoming a Muskie family,
we decided to go and cheer them on
Spencer isn't really a cheerleader but they were willing to let him try their poms out
Finishing up the parade with a beautiful sunset
Game time

Spencer and Chip went to a corn field maze with the youth group so
mama was left in charge of pumpkin carving this year
Parker and I picked out a design, he scooped it out and I got to carve it while he watched tv
I think the hubs would have done a better job but Parker LOVED it and that's ALL that matters

We celebrated Halloween
Grandma made Parker's vest and hat {Such talent} and such a cute little fisherman
The boys say they'll never be too old to trick or treat

We support the teal pumpkin project
{Food Allergy Awareness}
Read more about it here

We worked hard last fall to get some projects done around the house:
Stained the monstrous deck we rebuilt last year
Stained the front deck
Painted the bathroom
Stained and put a towel cabinet in the bathroom
painted the kitchen

We had Fall parent teacher conferences
The boys are doing GREAT and we're so proud of them

I did the Lagomarcino 5k with a friend
The location was BEAUTIFUL {downtown Davenport}
It wasn't one of our favorite 5k's but we enjoyed the hot chocolate and turtles at the end

We were going to do the Turkey Trot in town but we got our first snow and it was canceled
We were pretty bummed but are looking forward to a new year and many more 5k's

We celebrated Thanksgiving with family and LOTS of food

There you have it,
Our Fall recap